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35 new Skoda trolleybuses with batteries for Ceske Budejovice

The new trolleybuses for České Budějovice | © Skoda Group

The South Bohemian metropolis České Budějovice  will receive 35 new Škoda 33Tr trolleybuses with a total value exceeding EUR 28.5 million. A total of 57 trolleybuses are in operation in the South Bohemian metropolis, all produced by Škoda Group. 10 of these are of the 15TrM model, 30 of the the 25Tr model (Iveco) and another 17 of the 27Tr model (Solaris body)

These new trolleybuses supplied by Škoda Group with SOR body are articulated 18-metre trolleybuses equipped with a modern information and check-in system. Passengers can look forward to a spacious and air-conditioned interior, which will make travelling around the city even more comfortable. The new vehicles will be equipped with a traction battery for a range of at least 12 km. Thanks to this, they can comfortably serve even sections without overhead catenary. To increase safety, a modern camera system will be installed. The first 14 trolleybuses will be handed over to the transport provider in the first half of 2025, while the last vehicle will be delivered in mid-2026.

8 trolleybus lines operate in České Budějovice. The system was opened in 1991 and gradually expanded to its current size. Two previous trolleybus operations existed in the city between 1909-1914 and 1948-1971.

Skoda/Iveco-Irisbus Citelis 25Tr in České Budějovice in 2013 | © Martin Harák