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70 years of trolleybuses in Pardubice

TATRA T400 - Praha 431 built in 1953 was the favorit guest at the celebrations, meets Pardubice SKODA 9Tr 353, built in 1979 and part of the railway museum Pardubice -both on linie 70 | © Gunter Mackinger

On 14th May 2022 the Czech city of Pardubice celebrated “70 years of trolleybus operation” with an great event, many friends of Pardubice’s trolleybus system and trolleybus experts and enthusiasts from almost all over Europe. Great weather and trolleybuses everywhere in town gave a good feeling of what e-mobility in future will be in other cities, too.

There was a „day of open doors“ in the trolleybus depot, an extra trolleybusline 70 operated every 10 minutes with 12 different typs of trolleybuses on different routes of the extensive network founded in 1952. In 2022 two new trolleybus infrastructures are awaiting opening – there is a new depot access via Tepleho and Highway 37 to and from central railway station and a new link to university. At the date of celebrations both infrastructures were ready to operate but not yet comissioned.

The celebrations were concluded with a parade of trolleybuses and buses through the pedestrian zone in the city center.

Participating trolleybuses:

Skoda 7 Tr No. 31 owned by TMB (Transport-Museum Brno)
CKD Tatra T 400 No. 431 owned by DPP Prag
Skoda 8 Tr No. 136
Skoda 9 Tr No. 358
Skoda 9 Tr No. 353 owned by PSHŽD (Pardubický spolek historie železniční dopravy, Railway Historical Society Pardubice)
Skoda/Sanos No. 329 owned by PSHŽD
Skoda 14Tr No. 311
Skoda/SOR 32Tr No. 425
Irisbus/Skoda 24Tr No. 320
Skoda/Solaris 26Tr No. 326
Skoda/SOR 30 Tr No. 482