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Bogotá: 1,550 electric buses from BYD for Colombia

9-metre highfloor electric midibus supplied by BYD for TransMilenio | © BYD

BYD is not only China’s but also the world’s largest electric bus manufacturer. The company reports the largest export order in its company history. TransMilenio, the public transport operator of the Colombian capital Bogotá, has ordered no less than 1,002 electric buses from BYD for delivery in 2021 and spring 2022. The buses are of the 9-metre long “BYD eBus-9” model and the 12-metre long “BYD eBus-12” model. BYD will manufacture the buses in cooperation with the Colombian coachbuilders “Superpolo” and “Busscar”.


12-metre ebus for TransMilenio | © BYD

Together with the 470 cars already delivered in 2020, TransMilenio will have 1,472 BYD cars in its fleet by mid-2022.

Together with 78 cars that BYD has delivered to other Colombian companies, 1,550 BYD electric buses will be in use in this South American country.