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Brest – Besançon – Toulouse: New trams from Alstom as a joint order

Citadis Design for Toulouse | © Alstom/Tisséo Press

Alstom is the winner of a joint tender for new low-floor trams for three French cities: Toulouse, Besançon and Brest.

The five-section version of the well-known Citadis model will be delivered: 9 to Toulouse, 5 to Besançon and 8 to Brest. Cost considerations were decisive for the joint order.

On the network of Tisséo, the transport authority of Toulouse, the nine trains will allow an increase in service: 6 trams will run on the airport line, which will see a tram every 5 minutes at peak times between the airport and the future Blagnac station via the T2 line. As part of the construction work on the future Metro Line C, service on the T2 will be discontinued for around three years from 5 June 2023. A further 3 tramcars will help go reinforce the frequency on the trunk section of route T1 between Palais de Justice and Odyssud. Tisséo quotes EUR 31 million (excluding taxes) as the price for its share of the order.

Alstom Citadis in Toulouse at tghe airport terminus of line T2 | © Sören Salomo
19 of these short CAF Urbos provide the services in Besançon today | © UTM/b

In Besançon, the three-section CAF Urbos trams in service today  have been reaching their capacity limits for some time already. No qualified bidder was found in a previous procurement procedure for the planned extension of the wagons by two additional middle sections to be inserted: This was offered by the manufacturer prior to delivery of delivery as an extension option for the future. Therefore, the operator “Ginko” now ordered five new, longer trams, this time from Alstom.

In Brest, the eight new Citadis are needed for the second line B of the network, which is due to open in three years.

Delivery will start in July 2025 in Besançon, followed by Brest in October 2025, and Toulouse between May and September 2026.

Alstom Design for Besançon | © Alstom