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BVG Berlin presents fashion in new seat cushion design

Bunt und vielfältig: BVG und die S.Oliver Marke QS stellen eine neue Modekollektion vor, die das neue BVG Sitzmuster der Vielfalt zurückgreift I © BVG

Germany’s largest local transport operator BVG is launching a fashion collection with the fashion label QS by s.Oliver that brings the new, colourful seat pattern for buses and trains right into the colourful life of the city.

With the slogan “Wear can’t be more street”, the partners advertise the urban outfits in BVG look. The clothing was designed in collaboration with the fashion label QS by s.Oliver and the advertising agency Jung von Matt SAGA. Online retailer Zalando has been selling the collection on its website since last week. BVG has also opened a pop-up store next to its customer centre in the Alexanderplatz underground station.

At the same time, a new image video was released showing the new fashion:

Thus the BVG seat pattern (see below) makes it onto the catwalk and the streets shortly after its premiere. It was only in July that the first two double-decker buses were fitted with the “pattern of diversity”. Gradually, the seats in all BVG vehicles will receive the new pattern in the coming years. Because BVG is not only hip, but above all stands for sustainability, no intact seats will be torn out in the process, of course. The new pattern will be fitted from 2023 onwards whenever old covers have to be replaced anyway. Gradually, the first new vehicles will also be delivered directly with the new design.

The BVG/ QS fashion comes in different variants: as jackets, bomber jackets and waistcoats I © BVG

Why is BVG now also doing fashion? Christine Wolburg, Head of Sales and Marketing: “How diverse our wonderful city is can be experienced every day at BVG. We want to show our new pattern of diversity not only in our vehicles, but at least carry our colourful message of tolerance throughout the city. Literally – with a streetwear collection.”

Benjamin Isenheim, Brand Director QS by s.Oliver, adds: “BVG embodies the lifestyle of Berlin with its diversity and the current zeitgeist like no other brand and is thus a perfect match for us and the values of our brand.

Likeable: Advertising poster for the new BVG/ QS collection I © BVG

The limited-edition fashion collection is accompanied by a major campaign. The motifs were shot by fashion photographer Dan Beleiu. Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Creative Managing Director Jung von Matt SAGA: “High fashion from the underground – when BVG does fashion, it’s typically BVG – typically Berlin. And that’s why the campaign shows iconic scenes from the fashion world, which then humorously become “streetwear” by meeting the unadorned, real Berlin.”

The new BVG seat pattern

BVG developed the new seat pattern together with the agency Jung von Matt / SAGA, which has been on display in a double-decker bus since the beginning of July and will gradually be introduced in other vehicles. The slogan for the new seat pattern is “Berlin is colourful, Berlin is alive and with BVG Berlin is always on the move”.

The introduction of the new pattern by BVG was not entirely voluntary. Due to legal disputes with the designer of the so-called “Urban Jungle” pattern, BVG was looking for a suitable replacement. The grey and black night liner design had already been used before, which BVG said was very practical but symbolised nothing.

The “Urban Jungle” design had been created at the time for the vehicles of the S-Bahn series 480. The design, which was intended to prevent graffiti on the seats, had been developed on behalf of BVG, which operated the S-Bahn lines in the west of the city from 1984 to 1994.

In this respect, the new pattern is a fitting replacement for the “Urban Jungle” design that has been used for years. It is an eye-catcher and very colourful. Since BVG stands not only for diversity but also for sustainability, other existing vehicles will gradually be fitted with the new seat cover from next year as part of planned main inspections or maintenance work. From the middle/end of 2023, new vehicles will then also be delivered with the new pattern. 

The message of the new pattern was also presented in a Youtube video:

Germany’s largest public transport company always follows the same pattern: no matter what age, origin, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background – everyone is equal and always welcome at BVG. BVG now shows this diversity exactly where no one can miss it – on the new seating pattern of the buses and trains!

A controller dances in the train to “Rhythm is a dancer”. But he doesn’t just control the passengers, he moves them and transforms them into silhouettes. In the new film introducing the new seating pattern, BVG sends a clear message: every person is unique. Everyone has their own story. And all are connected to each other.

Whether it’s the father with his child, the homosexual couple, wheelchair users, the woman who does yoga or pensioners with their dog: a total of 80 different silhouettes representing all the different Berliners are joined together on the new seating pattern to form a unique symbol of diversity.

Christine Wolburg, Head of Sales and Marketing: “Everyone talks about diversity – we move it! Our passengers are as colourful and diverse as BVG and Berlin itself. Our new seat pattern conveys this message perfectly. It is a token of our love to all the two million people who travel with us every day, because they are just as unique and diverse as the silhouettes of our new pattern.”

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Luke Albanese
Luke Albanese
1 year ago

Very similar to the old London Bus seat pattern.

Daniel Lemieux
Daniel Lemieux
1 year ago

I’m all for diversity, but that Diversity moquette looks like vomit. Perhaps it is to camouflage excess drinking effluent.