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Chinese autonomous electric bus in service in Paris

Einsatz in Paris | © CRRC

The Chinese manufacturer CRRC Electric has announced that its C12AI autonomous driving bus model officially started operation on bus route No.393 in Paris after obtaining UATC operation permit, marking a new milestone for the bus maker in its history. This is the first 12m autonomous bus obtaining open road operation license in France, and the first Chinese autonomous bus to operate in Europe under real traffic conditions. With its 12-meter in length, the C12AI autonomous bus is equipped with T power engine and V2X technologies as well as high-strength steel monocoque body structure. It automatically performs such complex tasks as starting up, steering, surpassing and avoiding other vehicles.

Test on line 393 in Paris | © CRRC

Different from road conditions for autonomous driving tests in China, those in France are complex with many traffic lights. In addition, roads are narrow and often congested with many one-way streets, single-car lanes and curves – challenging requirements for the technical precision of autonomous driving.

Based on actual road conditions, CRRC Electric Vehicle sent an experienced, technical team to conduct onsite survey and investigation, which sorted out the routes, commissioned the bus and started experience driving within 15 days. The bus features full-dimensional real-time interaction of information about people, vehicle and road conditions, ensuring safety and improving driving efficiency. In addition, it adopts high-strength steel full-load body structure.

So far, CRRC Electric’s autonomous driving buses have been working smoothly in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi and Changsha, etc. with an accumulated mileage of 50,000 km.

Testing in Paris | © CRRC