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Craiova tramway tender decision

Design study of the K-1T260 model | © Tatra Yug Press

Ukrainian tramway manufacturer Tatra-Yug is the winner of the tender for delivery of 17 low-floor tramways to the Southwestern Romanian city of Craiova. Two-module, 24.7 m long tramways of the K-1T206 model will be supplied for the 16.7 km long route – operated by 3 different lines) , in order to replace most of the existing of fleet of secondhand vehicles purchased from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands years ago. Tramways are operating in the 300,000 inhabitants city since September 1987. The municipal transport company Regie Autonoma de Transport Craiova (RAT Craiova) had started the tender process for the purchase of new vehicles in October 2019. Still pending is an appeal by one of the other bidders before the signing of the supply contract can take place. Contract value is 136 mn Lei (approx. 28 mn EUR).

For Tatra-Yug this is its second export order after delivery of 15 vehicles to Alexandria en Egypt in 2018/19, which we already presented here: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/tram-modernisation-in-alexandria-egypt/

Alexandria’s new high-floor Tatra-Yug trams in service | © Tatra-Yug

A network scheme of Craiova’s tramway you may find here: http://www.urbanrail.net/eu/ro/craiova/craiova.htm