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E-buses: Significant CO2 savings through modern CO2 heat pump systems

Konvekta CO2 heat pump on the roof of a Solaris Urbino Electric | @ Konvekta

Electrically powered buses help to noticeably reduce harmful emissions from internal combustion engines that pollute people and the environment at a local level. This is of particular relevance in densely built-up inner cities.

Many public transport companies are already well on their way. Almost no transport company has not already procured or tested the first electric vehicles or even started to convert.

The components

In order to achieve optimum efficiency and environmental protection, it is worth taking a long-term view for the future bus generation. Not only the vehicle and the drive are decisive, but also the type of air conditioning and heating. Electric heaters are real high energy consumers: to generate 1 kWh of heating energy, the system burns 1.1 to 1.23 kWh of energy. Up to 50% of the energy available in the batteries is used for heating on cold days.

The alternative

CO2 heat pump systems are the innovative alternative. Through the combination of know-how, experience and the choice of the natural refrigerant CO2, Konvekta CO2 systems achieve maximum efficiency. In the ideal case, these systems only require 0.21 kW of energy from the battery for 1 kW of heating output.

The system does not obtain up to 75% of the required heat or cold from battery power, but from the environment. This results in savings of around €1,700 per year and vehicle and up to 4,800 kg of CO2, depending on the vehicle. If you now add up all vehicles with a Konvekta CO2 heat pump, the result is a total saving of approx. 4,500t CO2 for the year 2021.

The Konvekta CO2 heat pump systems have been available on the market successfully as a series product since 2018 and are already in use all over Europe – from Sweden to Great Britain to Italy. More than 1,300 buses and rail vehicles are currently in use with the alternative refrigerant CO2. Over 100 transport companies in over 40 countries use the systems in their bus.

(Info: Konvekta)

@ Konvekta
@ Konvekta
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