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HEAG Darmstadt : On-demand service “Heinerliner”

In 2021, Darmstadt’s urban transport company HEAG wants to establish a new transport offer in the inner-city suburban area: the “Heinerliner”. The “Heinerliner”will be an on-demand service that can be booked individually and takes the passenger to the desired final destination. In the interest of greater economic efficiency, journeys with similar running paths are summarized – in contrast to the taxi, the individual passenger will not travel alone in the new service – and the route may and will change depebnding on the demand of different passengers which will be coordinated centrally using powerful IT data management

Up to 50 electrically (!) minibuses will be operating in the future – they will serve a dense network of stops all over Darmstadt

The fare should be between the one for a normal ticket on public transport in Darmstadt and the taxi fare.

Darmstadt’s mayor Jochen Partsch: “The “Heinerliner” is an attractive new transport offer. It can also serve areas where traditional bus or tram cannot get there.”

This new offer will be set up for four years. If it is accepted by passengers, it will become an integral part of Darmstadt’s local transport system in the long term.