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Hyundai Rotem selected for new Tram fleet in Warsaw

Design of the new Tram | Prommotional Material Hyundai Rotem

South Korean company Hyundai Rotem has been formally awarded by Poland’s capital city tramway operator Tramwaje Warsawskie to supply 123 new low-floor trams with an option of another 90 by October 2022. Purchase price is 1.85bn (aprrox. EUR 430 million).

The order is split into three parts:

  • 85 (+ 45 option) bi-directional, 5-section tramways of 33m length
  • 18 (+ 45 option) single-ended, 5-section tramways of 33m length
  • 20 single-ended, 3-section tramsways of 24m length

Hyundai Rotem had been selected as preferred bidder already in February 2019, upon finalization of the bidding process started in September 2018. The operator had declared void a previous tender for 213 trams in August 2017. Hyundai Rotem plans to build a production line in Poland.

The current operating fleet consists of 744 tramway cars, more than half of it high-floor vehicles usually coupled in pairs which are based on the Polish “standard” 105N tram, developed in the 1970’s by Konstal.