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I Tram a Torino – Tramways in Turin

The very active historical association of the tramway in Turin, Italy, has published numerous booklets in recent years, mostly dealing with vehicles, in good quality and bilingual (it/en). Now a new publication is available with the simple title “I Tram a Torino”. It offers an up-to-date inventory of the track and line network as well as the existing rolling stock. A brief insight into the history is also not missing.

For decades, the Turin network has offered the situation that there are considerably more operational lines than are actually operated on a scheduled basis. In addition, there are regularly used connections as depot accesses, but there are also those that are maintained for necessary diversions. A detailed track plan, colour-coded by status, provides interesting insights here.

The bulk of the content, however, is devoted to the rolling stock and here, in addition to the articulated cars of regular service with only a few series, there are a large number of service vehicles with different tasks. Much more extensive is the overview of the historical vehicles, which are divided into those of the own company and those of other companies and also again into the status (operational or not). A separate section is dedicated to the Sassi – Superga rack railway (tramway), which is now also managed by ATTI.

The historic vehicles are also presented in tabular form. Otherwise, there is a page of each type of vehicle of whatever function with a scale drawing, at least one good photo, technical data and a descriptive text.

This list alone may show the immense amount of detailed work that has gone into the new publication. It is easy to understand thanks to its bilingual nature and provides an up-to-date and complete overview of the Turin tramway and the activities of the ATTS. Absolutely recommended for those interested in the tramway there.

Authors: Roberto Cambursano and Luca Gianettii

Publisher: Associazione Torinese Tram Storici (ATTS)

156 pages, format 21 x 21 cm, paperback

Price: 22.50 €

ISBN: 978 8894624946