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A few in service: The new Stadler suburban trains of Stockholm’s Roslagsbanen

New X15p train near Mörby in 2023 | © Thomas Johansson

The Roslagsbanen network consists of three long suburban lines in the north of the Swedish capital Stockholm, all on 891 mm gauge, starting from ‘Stockholms östra’ station and electrified with 1,500 V direct current:

L27 Stockholms östra – Kårsta (41.5 km)    

L28 Stockholms östra – Österskär (29.5 km)

L29 Stockholms östra – Näsbypark (11.5 km).

The fleet of 35 three-car trains – delivered by ABB in 1988-95 and extensively modernised in 2012-16 with the addition of a low-floor entrance in the middle carriages – will be significantly expanded with new trains from Stadler. This will be accompanied by further modernisation and service improvements on the Roslagsbahn, which in future will also be extended underground beyond the current terminus at Stockholms östra to the centre of Stockholm.

Lindholmen | © Thomas Johansson
Stockholm östra with a new X15p train on a test run | © Thomas Johansson

The operator ordered 22 trains of the new X15p series from Stadler in 2016, and the order has since been increased by a further four units. The three-car units offer space for around 300 passengers, 150 of whom are seated. The carriages are very bright and friendly inside, but are quite “stepped”. All doors (four double doors on each side) are at platform level (620 mm), and there are large multi-purpose areas inside the door area, albeit with many seats. However, most of the seats are in the high-floor area and can be reached via two steps. The new trains are wider, heavier and very well motorised compared to the older X10p trains: (X10p/X15p: 2.75m/2.60m; 62 ton/97.5 ton; 400 kW/1600 kW). The train length of the X15p is 60 metres, the same as for a normal X10p series train (normal train = motor car + centre car + control car).

Delivery began with a delay in 2022, with the first new X15p train entering service in autumn 2023. At present, one to two X15p trains run daily in passenger service, plus occasionally a train in double traction on a test or adjustment run.

(Info & photos: Thomas Johansson)

Test run at Stockholm östra | © Thomas Johansson
Crosiing of both train generations X10p and X15p | © Thomas Johansson