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Leipzig, Görlitz, Zwickau: Joint tram tender

Leipzig, Görlitz and Zwickau are jointly tendering new low-floor trams for the first time I © Fotomontage UTM/ Jakob Gilg/ Ralf Wittenberg

For the first time in the history of the tram operations in Leipzig, Görlitz and Zwickau, a tram fleet is being jointly tendered as part of a “development partnership”. The tender is a novelty for the tram industry, as the vehicles must comply with different track gauges and body widths. For historical reasons, the Leipzig tram has a slightly wider gauge than the standard gauge (1,458 mm), while the networks in Görlitz and Zwickau are meter gauge systems. Nevertheless, the transport companies expect that this “Saxon Alliance” will lead to economies of scale and therefore lower procurement costs.

For the first lot, a total of 39 vehicles is being tendered, including 25 XXL trams for Leipzig, eight shorter L-type vehicles for Görlitz and six L-trams for Zwickau. The number of optional vehicles is all the greater: 148 additional vehicles can be ordered as options until 2030. The total fleet size over the three cities would then comprise 187 vehicles. The following table gives a detailed overview:

Table: Technical overview of the tendered tram variants for Leipzig, Görlitz and Zwickau I Source: TED

The 25 vehicles (type “XXL”) of the LVB are to be delivered between 2023 and 2025. The options are to be ordered by 2030 and will replace the very last Tatra T4D high-floor trams and of which there are still almost 100 in operation in Leipzig. The options also intend to replace the 56 NGT8 trams from DWA / Siemens procured in 1994 – 1998 which will then have a lifespan of 32 to 36 years. Also the NB4 trailer cars will be put out of operation. The Solaris (now Stadler) NGT10 Tramino tram order, of which 25 have been delivered so far, is unaffected by the tender. By 2021 there will be a total of 61 Tramino trams in Leipzig.

Görlitz and Zwickau want to procure 2.3-meter-wide and about 30-meter-long low-floor trams, which, apart from the track width and body width, could be identical to the L-type for Leipzig. KT4D are still in use in both cities:

  • Görlitz has a pure vehicle fleet of 14 CKD / Tatra KT4D, built in 1979 – 1990 of which two vehicles are currently undergoing a general revision
  • Zwickau has 19 KT4Ds, built in 1983 – 1990 and 12 Adtranz / Bombardier GT6M low-floor trams in operation

The original offer deadline for the offer submission was in April. However, it can be assumed that the tendering process will be delayed due to the Corona crisis. A decision is expected in the first quarter of 2021 at the latest.

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Charly Zapf
Charly Zapf
3 years ago

Tram systems in this little cities are too expensive. It would be better to replace this systems with modern busses.

Alex Jenkins
Alex Jenkins
3 years ago

I really hope HeiterBlick gets this, especially since they’re based in Leipzig, so it’ll be trams built in Saxony for Saxony.