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Munich: Ebusco articulated e-buses in service and more

Ebusco 2.2 articulated e-bus no. 5026 | © Budach

The expansion of an electric bus fleet at Munich’s MVG Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft continues to develop very dynamically.

The first of the 14 Ebusco 2.2 articulated buses ordered arrived in the Bavarian capital from the manufacturer’s factory in Deurne in the Netherlands in autumn 2023, and all of them were delivered before the end of 2023. antoher 28 articulated e-buses from the supplier, but of the 3.0 model, are expected in the course of 2024 – we reported here: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/71-more-electric-buses-for-munichs-mvg/ .

Ebusco 2.2 articulated e-bus no. 5024 on its way from the manufacturer’s premises to Munich in September 2023 | © Christian Marquordt
Ebusco 2.2 articulated e-bus no. 5026 | © Budach
Ebusco 2.2 artic. no. 5026 | © Budach
Ebusco 2.2 articulated e-bus no. 5026 and Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G no. 5020 at Ostbahnhof | © Budach

This latest order also includes 30 articulated eCitaro G vehicles from Daimler Buses, which will be delivered this year. Ten such vehicles have already been in use at MVG since 2021 (no. 5011-5020). 13 MAN Lion’s City 12 E are also expected this year. MVG has the very first of these delivered vehicles in its fleet, number 4004, which recently returned to regular service. 21 Lion’s City 18E articulated e-buses from the same manufacturer have been on Munich’s roads since September 2023 (no. 5060-5080).

The first two Ebusco e-buses 4001 and 4002 of the 2.0 model, which were delivered in 2017, are no longer in regular service. MVG also has other electric buses from the manufacturer Ebusco in its fleet, 10 of type 2.2 (car numbers 4021-4030) and four of type 3.0 (no. 4031-4034).

The Munich-based company aims to have its fleet fully electrified by 2035.