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MVG Munich orders 21 MAN articulated e-buses

Today Munich's only MAN e-bus, here at Scheidplatz | © Budach

Stadtwerke München (SWM) has ordered 21 new electric articulated buses for Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG). The electrically powered articulated buses from the manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus SE are scheduled to gradually enter service in mid-2023.

This will bring MVG’s e-bus fleet to a total of 61 electric buses next year. SWM already ordered 14 electric articulated buses from the manufacturer EBUSCO at the end of 2021, which are expected in the course of 2023. Before the end of this year, SWM and MVG plan to open the new Moosach bus depot, where up to 56 e-buses can initially be charged. The further gradual expansion of the charging infrastructure is already being planned. Charging facilities for e-buses are also available at the bus depot in the east of Munich.

More space and comfort for passengers

The 21 MAN Lion’s City 18 E buses ordered feature a modern and redesigned interior. The engine tower installed in the rear of the diesel buses has been removed from the electric version. As a result, the rearmost rows of seats offer more space and at the same time a more airy feeling. With a total capacity of 640 kWh, the nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) batteries the new e-buses will have a range of up to 250 km. The centre and rear axles are driven by a central motor. For air-conditioning, a CO2 air-conditioning system is on board the new vehicles, which significantly reduces energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

MAN Lion’s City 18 E are already in service by VAG Nürnberg | © Budach

The new e-buses are 62% financed by public subsidies. The corresponding support is provided by the City of Munich from „Integrierten Handlungsprogramm zur Förderung der Elektromobilität in München“ (Integrated Action Programme for the Promotion of Electromobility in Munich – IHFEM), the Government of Upper Bavaria within the framework of the Bavarian Municipal Transport Financing Act and from the Bavarian State Ministry of Transport (Gemeindeverkehrsfinanzierungsgesetz) and from the Air Pollution Control Programme (Luftreinhaltung) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport. State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport as well as the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection from the special assets of the “Energy and Climate Fund”.

Good experience with MAN test bus

As part of their innovation partnership, MAN and MVG have been testing a twelve-metre MAN Lion’s City 12 E e-bus in a field trial since the end of 2020. The results are positive, partly because the bus is being consistently further developed and adapted to the needs of MVG. Significant improvements have been made, including lower fuel consumption, a longer range, more comfort for passengers and optimised air conditioning.

The so far only MAN Lion’s City 12 E in Munich numbered 4004 | © Budach