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Nahverkehr in Erfurt – Stadtbahn- und Omnibusbetrieb von 2000 bis heute

A third book about local public transport in Erfurt has now been published by the editorial Sutton. Design, printing and layout are appealing, but the content appears to have been compiled quickly and without any particular depth. Tram enthusiasts who have nothing at all for buses should be advised: There are 60 illustrations of trams but 88 photos of buses.

Divided into four time periods, the half-page photographs are lined up one after the other without any recognisable system and with very scarce captions, which rarely include the type designation of the bus, for example. The quality of the illustrations is invariably good, two double pages with a fold through could have been dispensed with. At least there is a current vehicle overview of both means of transport at the end, network maps are missing (once again). Anyone who can make friends with such publications is welcome to do so, but in the reviewer’s opinion, a substantive presentation of a topic looks different!

Author: Christian Meinelt

Editorial: Sutton-Verlag

96 pages, format 16 x 24 cm, hardcover

approx. 150 photos

Price: 22.99 €

ISBN: 978-3-96303-432-9