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New large trolleybus orders for Solaris and Skoda

Škoda 27Tr for Prešov | © Škoda

Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s. (PMDP) – Plzen’s municpal public transport operator –  has signed a framework contract with Škoda Group for the delivery of up to 33 Škoda 26Tr trolleybuses and up to 20 Škoda 27Tr trolleybuses. The delivery of the vehicles will start next year, and the framework contract is concluded until 2030. 9 Škoda 26Tr trolleybuses will be delivered between 2023 and 2025, and 4 Škoda 27Tr vehicles with delivery scheduled for 2025. 24 more Škoda 26Tr are included in the contract, as well as 16 more 27Tr. The total value of the contract is EUR 37,4 million. PMDP already has 26Tr and 27Tr trolleybuses in its fleet for some time.

Škoda 27Tr in Plzen | © Škoda

The Škoda 26Tr trolleybus is 12 metres long and the Škoda 27Tr type is articulated with a length of 18 metres. The vehicles include a traction battery that allows operation in routes without catenary, thus ensuring service even in the more remote areas of the city. Passengers will have access to a modern information and check-in system with screens, and powerful air conditioning will also contribute to the travel comfort. To increase safety, the trolleybus will be equipped with a camera system.

The vehicles are unique in having the second door with sliding system, which is more typical for trams. Unlike the doors traditionally used on buses, the sliding doors significantly increase the boarding space. This makes it easier for wheelchair users and parents with prams to board. At the peak, the wider space enables faster passenger changes.

Škoda received another order for six 27Tr articulated trolleybuses from Prešov in Slovakia, where they will operate on previous diesel bus lines which partly run under the trolleybus overhead, using their on-board traction batteries.

The bodies of Škoda 26Tr and 27Tr models are built by Polish manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach.

Solaris in Bucharest

Solaris and and the Romanian Municipality of Bucharest (Municipiul Bucuresti) have signed a contract for the supply 100 Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybuses, with a base contract value of almost 60 million euros. The vehicles will arrive in the Romanian capital at the end of 2024, within 22 months from the date of signing the contract. The trolleybuses will be handed over by the city to the public transport operator STB SA (Societatea de Transport Bucuresti).

The 12-metre trolleybuses will be powered by a 160 kWh traction motor. Moreover, these emissionfree Trollino vehicles will be fitted with state-of-the-art Solaris High Power batteries with a capacity of 60 kWh, which will enable them to cover distances of up to 20 km at a time without connection to an overhead wires. The traction batteries will be recharged both en route (via in-motion charging technology) and overnight at the depot.

All new Trollinos for Bucharest will be equipped with efficient air-conditioning of the passenger area. On board, there will be a monitoring system, passenger information system screens, and USB chargers, with which passengers can charge their phones or tablets. Total passenger capacity is 90, thereof 25 seated.

The new trolleybuses will replace the remaining Ikarus/Astra vehicles built in 1997-2002 – some 100 of them are still in service on the network. 13 trolleybus lines are currently operating in Bucharest using 227 vehicles as per official sources. Average age of the fleet is 18 years.

Solaris Trollino 12 | © Solaris Bus & Coach

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