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New Tatras in Brno

#1211+1212+1208 on 26 July 2019 | Martin Harák

Three units in a row – the „triple traction” units – have been operating in the Czech city of Brno for the first time in July 2019. The increase in passenger demand on certain routes lead the local operator Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s. (DPMB) to think about different options to increase as well the passenger capacity of its’ tramways – without incurring in extraordinary costs. Each T6A5 measuring 14.7 m, the triple traction has total a length of 44.1 meters and a passenger capacity of 474 passengers of which 90 are seated.

DPMB decided to buy 11 Tatra T6A5 four-axle tramways from the capital city Prague which will soon complement the existing fleet of 20 such vehicles purched new in 1996/97. These trams are numbered 1201-1220, the new ones ex Prague will get the numbers 1221-1229 (8613/46/52/64/76/81/86/56/88), two additional vehicles will be used for spare parts. All 11 units are currently stored at Medlánky depot in Brno. Prague is phasing out the operation of the once 150 cars strong fleet of this type, only 12 tramcars are still operating on the network. Various Tatra T6A5 have already been sold to operators in Eastern Europe, including Sofia, Kiew and Charkow.

In Brno the trams will allow three-units-operation on trunk route 1. The first unit 1211+1212+1208 started service this month, others will follow soon. For similar reasons, the Slovakian operator Dopravný podnik Bratislava, a.s. (DPB) begun operating three-unit traction in early June.

Information provided by Martin Harák – thank you very much!