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Optare Metrodecker e-buses enter service in York (UK)

First York’s new Optare Metrodecker EVs are finished in royal blue with gold branding, the Askham Bar Park and Ride service passes through the city’s wall to reach the heart of the city centre I © David Cole

The first deliveries from an order of 21 Optare Metrodecker EVs are now in service with First York, all are expected to arrive by October. The dual-doorway double-deckers with a range of 160 miles on an overnight charge are being used on the city’s park and ride services, most of which have now resumed post the Covid-19 lockdown. Optare electric vehicles have been used by First in the city since 2014 when electric Versa single deckers were introduced to the Poppleton Bar Park and Ride service, in day top-up charging being provided at the terminus. This service is currently suspended as the site is being used as a Covid-19 test centre.

In August the first Optare Metrodecker (double-decker) electric bus was put into operation at First in York (GB) I © David Cole

Again in 2014, York was the first city with an electric open-top sightseeing bus when Transdev introduced a re-engineered vehicle to the City Sightseeing York operation, intended to be the forerunner of a wholly electric fleet. The electrification process has, however, not met expectations and as an interim solution four Euro6 upgraded ADL Enviro 400s have been introduced by Transdev for the delayed 2020 season.

Newly converted Euro 6 open-top double-deckers are now operating on Transdev’s City Sightseeing York service I © David Cole

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