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Prague’s double-articulated battery-trolleybuses start regular service

First day of operation of the new line 59 | © Škoda Group

Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, the public transport operator of the Czech capital Prague (DPP), launched the second new trolleybus line in the city between Veleslavín railway station and Václav Havel Prague Airport today – 6 March 2024. Double-articulated battery trolleybuses from Škoda/Solaris with a length of approximately 24 metres operate on this line no. 59, which replaces the existing bus line no. 119. This will increase passenger capacity on the line to/from Václav Havel Airport Prague by around 30% while maintaining the same timetable. In addition, more than 650,000 litres of diesel will be saved annually and CO2 emissions will be reduced by around 1,300 tonnes. The construction of the infrastructure for this trolleybus line and the purchase of 20 high-performance trolleybuses are being financed by the European Union as part of the National Renewal Plan to support the development of environmentally friendly public transport in the Czech Republic.

As part of the electrification of bus line 119, DPP built a total of 11.5 kilometres of overhead line at the depot area and along the section Nádraží Veleslavín – Terminal 3, which covers a little more than half of the total length of the line. The trolleybuses run on battery power between the Terminal 3 and airport stops. Nine charging stations have been installed at the turning stations of Václav Havel Airport in Prague and three in Nádraží Veleslavín, where the trolleybuses can recharge during their scheduled lay-over time.

Handover on 6 March 2024 | © DPP Dominika Brabcová on X
© Skoda Group
© DPP Petr Hejna on X

Three substations are used for the 750V power supply of the new trolleybus line, one of which is shared with the tram in the Dědina loop. DPP has also installed a charging infrastructure in the Řepy depot. Here, 21 charging stations and a new substation have been built, which is already dimensioned for the expected charging requirements for the next upcoming journeys.

DPP is currently planning to convert a total of 14 bus routes to battery trolleybus operation in the medium term, which will require the construction of overhead line sections on some routes. After several years of trial operation with passengers, the former bus route 140 has been operating as the first such route with the new number 58 since 1 February 2024. 15 SOR TNS 18/Cegelec articulated trolleybuses are used here. The second line, the new 59, has been in operation since 6 March. 95 km of trolleybus routes are planned to be built by 2028, including the electrification of the current bus lines 131, 137, 176, 191, 201, 142, 225, 174, 184, 136, 150 and 112 (planned in this order).

Václav-Havel Airport | © DPP Petr Hejna on X