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REVG Kerpen takes over two lines from private operator Tirtey

REVG Scania on route 922 on 1 October 2021 | © REVG

As of October 1, the district-owned REVG (Rhein-Erft Verkehrs Gesellschaft) from Kerpen will take over two lines that the private company Tirtey had operated independently on its own account. These are the lines

921: (circular route within the Sindorf district of Kerpen): Sindorf S-Bahn station – industrial park – Zeisigweg – Sindorf S-Bahn station

922: Bergheim – Ahe – Kerpen-Sindorf – Kerpen Schützenstraße

REVG is taking over the lines under a lease and operating agreement. Managing Director Martin Gawrisch of REVG emphasizes that the takeover of the two lines opens up “new optimization opportunities.”

With the takeover of the two lines, REVG’s range of services will grow by a further 150 trips per working day. REVG now operates a total of 46 bus lines.

For the passengers of the lines 921 and 922 there is little change since 01 October. Buses from the Tirtey company will continue to be used, but no longer on their own account, but on behalf of REVG. For the time being, there will be no changes to the timetable or to ticket sales. The most noticeable change for passengers is that the buses on routes 921 and 922 will be fitted with new ticket printers. There might be further changes at that next timetable change due in December 2021.

REVG Scania bus at Kerpen-Horrem | © Christian Marquordt
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