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S-Bahnen in Deutschland

+ Regional-Stadtbahnen

Following the very successful books on tramway and metro systems in Germany, which have been published in several editions, Robert Schwandl now presents a volume on the various suburban railway systems in Germany, locally referred to as “S-Bahn”. The differentiation from pure regional railways is not always easy, the author already points out in the foreword that he has decided to be rather generous with the inclusion criteria here – certainly a benefit for the book and its readers. RegioTrams and Regio light railways, some of which are also called TramTrains, are also included; Chemnitz, Karlsruhe, Kassel and Saarbrücken, among others, are to to be mentioned here.

As usual, this results gives an excellent overview of this type of urban and suburban rapid rail transport. The high quality of Schwandl’s maps is widely known and, of course, it is once again reflected in this latest release. More than 300 colour photos complete the book.

A useful travel companion, but of course also ideal for reading at home.

Author: Robert Schwandl

160 pages, network maps, approx. 300 colour photos

Text deutsch & English

Editorial: Robert Schwandl Verlag

ISBN 978 3 936573 67 1

Price: 19.50 EUR

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