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Salzburg: Uncertain future for the historical trolleybuses!

Sonderfahrt des historischen Trolleybus' 123 | © Franz Grantl

As the local press reported at the beginning of June, the Salzburg’s historical trolleybuses whose maintenance and operation is carried out by the non-profit association “Pro Obus” must leave thier traditional location in the depot “central garage” of the municipal operator at the Alpenstraße. The trolleybuses were located here for mpre than 20 years.

Owner „Salzburg AG“ needs more space for the new trolleybuses at the depot area, as announced by the company’s press office.

An “alternative location” is available in the municipality of Grödig, but this is several kilometers away from the overhead network and can therefore only be reached by towing. In addition, sooner or later substantial costs would arrise, which cannot be funded by the association.

The association “Pro Obus” looks after four operable historical trolleybuses ( www.proobus.at ):

→ Car 123 (ÜH III s, built in 1957, ex Solingen 40, private loan).

→ Car 178 (Gräf & Stift GE 110 M16, built in 1985)

→ Car 220 (Gräf & Stift GE 112 M16, built in 1989, ex Kapfenberg 25)

→ Car 109 (Steyr STS 11 HU, built in 1989)

In addition, there are also some interesting restoration projects:

→ Car 125 (Gräf & Stift EO-1, built in 1949, ex Leoben)   

→ Car 31 (Kässbohrer trailer, built in 1940)     

→ Car 134 (Henschel/Siemens HS 160 OSL-G, built in 1961, ex Kapfenberg 35 ex Aachen 28 ex Bielefeld 518).  

All involved parties hope that a favorable solution may soon be found and that the historic trolleybuses in Salzburg have a secure future!

Steyr trolleybus 109 | © Dirk Budach
No. 178, a Gräf&Stift “Standardbus I” articulated trolleybus built in 1985 | © Dirk Budach
Today no. 220 ex Kapfenberg is part of the heritage fleet – in 2009 it was operating in revenue service on route 2, along with restored tramway no. 4 at Mirabellplatz | © Dirk Budach
Henschel HS 160 OSL-G, built in 1961 ex Kapfenberg ex Aachen ex Bielefeld | © Dirk Budach
Kässbohrer PA5 trailer no. 31, behind a Lohner trailer | © Dirk Budach
Gräf & Stift EO I, Bj. 1949, ex Leoben | © Dirk Budach
Heritage trolleybus 123 together with Salzburg’s newest trolleybus generation, supplied by HESS | © Franz Grantl
Inside no. 123 | © Franz Grantl
No. 123 Uerdingen/Henschel ÜH III s ex Solingen | © Franz Grantl