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Stadler wins contract for new tram generation in Darmstadt

Stadler will deliver 14 new low-floor trams for Heag in Darmstadt I © Stadler

Stadler has emerged as the winner of the HEAG mobilo GmbH tender for the delivery of 14 trams, with an option for up to 30 additional vehicles. Stadler has thereby succeeded in placing its new tram family successfully on the market for the first time within a very short time. The contract is valued at approx. 62 million euros.

Replacement of old vehicles and network extension

The vehicle fleet of HEAG mobilo currently consists of 48 railcars and 30 sidecars. The oldest 10 vehicles of the ST 12 type are still high-floor vehicles and date from 1991. These are expected to be the first to be replaced by the new ST 15 type ST 15 trains. In addition, there are several expansion projects in Darmstadt that require new vehicles.

The new ST 15 trams

HEAG mobilo, the Darmstadt tram operator, has awarded Stadler the contract for the delivery of 14 trams of the next generation of vehicles. As a result, Stadler has acquired an initial buyer for the company’s newly developed tram model within a very short time. The innovative low-floor vehicles have been optimally tailored to the requirements of operators and passengers alike. The new tram type does not seem to have an official product name yet, but it seems clear that the vehicle layout differs from Stadler’s Tango light rail concept and the Variotram and TramLink multi-articulated trams.

With a vehicle length of 43 metres, the five-car unidirectional vehicles offer space for 284 passengers, with seats for 103 of them. The optimised passenger compartment allows unrestricted access to the seats from every vehicle door. The position of the wheelchair spaces within the multi-purpose areas is identical to that in vehicles from the current rolling stock in order to make it easier for passengers to find their way around the new trams. Large panoramic windows provide a clear view and, together with the high ceiling, create a feeling of spaciousness. The trams are fully equipped with modern CO2 air conditioning systems that work with the natural refrigerant CO2, ensuring a much better environmental performance than with conventional refrigerants.

A driver assistance system with traffic sign recognition increases vehicle transport safety. The new bogie concept helps to optimise installation space, increase passenger comfort as well as improve the maintainability and economic efficiency of the vehicles. In addition, the new Stadler low-floor tram family enables a very high degree of flexibility and standardisation, from which HEAG mobilo will be the first customer to benefit. The new trams will start passenger service in mid-2022.