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SWB Bonn: First Skoda low-floor tram delivered and new buses from MAN

Bonn SWB 2252 at depot Beuel | © Stefan Vogel

The Skoda ForCity Smart (T 41)

In the very early hours of the night of 1 February, the first of the 28 new low-floor tramways on order of Skoda’s „ForCity Smart (T 41)” model for the Bonn tram lines 61, 62 and 65 arrived at SWB’s Beuel depot on a low-loader truck. The transport had started in the evening hours of 30 January at the Skoda plant in Plzen.

The new train carries the operating number 2252, so it is still making reference to the previous year 2022.

Bonn’s first new low-floor tram from Skoda | © Stefan Vogel
Unloading in Beuel depot | © SWB on Twitter

Around 8 a.m. on 01 February the unloading of the vehicle began. The railcar was pulled down from the low-loader on a rail ramp and reached Bonn rails for the first time in its “life”. It also took its first independent “steps” in Bonn by rolling under its own power to the place where it is now being prepared for regular service in Bonn.

The new trams are now being “commissioned”, which includes acceptance by the technical supervisory authority. This will be followed by the training of the driving personnel on the new trams. It was said that realistically about half a year would pass until the first of the new trams would appear in passenger service on the line.

SWB has found an interested party for the 24 low-floor tramcars that are currently in service on lines 61, 62 and 65, who would like to take them over second-hand. Details have not yet been communicated.

Arrival of the new Skoda tram in Bonn, from left to right: SWB Managing Directors Anja Wenmakers and Hansjörg Spielhoff and Division Manager Rail Bernt Junker | © SWB / Meike Böschemeyer

30 new buses from MAN

At about the same time as the first new tram, the first of 30 new buses arrived at SWB. They are 15 three-door MAN “Lion’s City 12 efficient hybrid” buses (cars 2201 to 2215) and 15 four-door articulated “MAN Lion’s City 18 efficient hybrid” buses (cars 2216 to 2230). As is customary with SWB, they will be used freely throughout the entire network. They will replace all buses of the 06, 07 and 08 vintages and occasionally

As is customary with SWB, they will be used freely throughout the entire network. They will replace all buses of the 06, 07 and 08 model years, as well as some of the younger ones.

The new MAN Lion’s City 12 efficient hybrid coach 2207 | © Stefan Vogel

The purchase of more electric buses is planned. At present, the fleet consists of only seven e-buses (four Ebusco solo coaches and three Solaris articulated buses). Since SWB relies on recharging exclusively overnight at the depot, additional charging spaces must be created for more electric buses: Friesdorf depot will be adapted accordingly.