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The new CAF tram for Lisbon

Design study of the 15 new CAF trams | © CAF

CAF was selected to supply 15 Urbos trams to Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, E. M., S. A. (CARRIS), the company responsible for urban public land transport in the city of Lisbon. This now signed contract also includes tram maintenance servicing for a period of 5 years. Theoverall project amount is in excess of €43 million. Delivery is scheduled for 2023 and 2024.

The new trams will operate on Carreira 15 (line 15) which runs parallel to the mouth of the River Tajo, connecting the main tourist monument areas in the Portuguese capital, such as Praca do Comercio, Belém and the Jerónimos Monastery, as well as the city’s main stations of the various means of transport such as metro, railway, ferries, etc. It is worth noting that, already in the mid 90s, CAF took part in the production and supply of half of the 10 articulated trams that have been running on the aforementioned Carreira 15 since 1995. The newly procured trams will add to the transport capacity on this line. They offer a charming contrast to the numerous old two-axle vehicles for which the tram in Portugal’s capital is famous.

The first series of 10 low-flooor tramcars built in 1995, some two-axle tourist trams on the right | © UTM/db

The proposed Urbos tram for Lisbon is a one-way, 5-module articulated unit, designed to run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h. It spans a total length of 28.5 metres and will be equipped with one driver cab and low floor to facilitate passenger access. These new units are prepared for future retrofit of on-board energy storage solutions similar to those already fitted on units supplied by CAF to other cities such as Birmingham, Luxembourg, Kaohsiung, Seville, etc. This technology allows for catenary-free tram operation in certain city areas to protect architecturally sensitive areas, while also offering significant transport energy efficiency benefits.

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Rui Gerardo
Rui Gerardo
2 years ago

Where is service door to the drivers??
1st door?? Is very far away..