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Tram, trolleybus and railway museums, collections and events in Switzerland

The Basel Tram Museum can be visited and regularly organizes special trips on the Basel tram network I © Tram-Museum Basel

We have expanded the overview of the activities of the public transport and tram museums by Switzerland. An overview for Germany and Austria is already available here:

In many cases, opening times and travel dates are still unclear due to the restrictions that still persist. Before all visits, please check the websites of the organizers, which may refer to short-term changes.

For the sake of completeness, our overview also includes some museums of the numerous Swiss small and interurban railways. The information was gathered in weeks of deep research. The editors would like to thank all museum railways, associations and transport companies for their support. Despite all care, it cannot be ruled out that we have made mistakes or that some information is out of date. If we have any corrections or additions, please feel free to send them to us: redaktion@urban-transport-magazine.com



Tram Museum Basel

Location: Basel

Opening days: 15.08., 19.09., 17.10.2021

Activities: Enjoy 125 years of Basel tram history with insights into everything that is part of public transport. The museum is showcasing historical tram cars which tell many anecdotes. On the realistic tram simulator, everyone can pilot a modern tram through the city themselves. Round off your visit with a classic car ride on Museum Line 7, which runs during opening hours – an experience for the whole family!

Please check the museum website regarding the latest changes regaring opening times and events (link see below).

Weblink: https://www.trammuseum-basel.ch

Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):


Tram Club Bern/ BERNMOBIL historique

Location: The historical tram tours start at the Bern railway station (Schwanengasse)

Operating days 2021: various special trips until October 2021, pls. refer to Weblink

Activities: Classic car rides with historical tram trains and classic car buses, regularly once a month from March and December, on different routes in the city of Bern. The BERMOBIL historique Foundation receives around 30 historic tram and bus vehicles, from the steam tram built in 1894 to the high-floor articulated tram from 1973 and from the oldest operational city bus in Switzerland (1924) to the articulated bus from 1977.




Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):

Historical railway club Solothurn – Bern

Location: Bahnhistorischer Verein Solothurn – Bern, c/o Stefan Paschke, Fischerweg 17, 3012 Berne

Opening days 2021: no opening days this year

Activities: The association has several Solothurn – Zollikofen – Bern-Bahn (SZB) vehicles and is restoring them. Exhibition days and special trips are currently unknown.

Weblink: http://www.solothurn-bern.ch/


Rural railway Blonay – Chamby

Location: Railway station Blonay (Blonay Gare), 1807 Blonay (the museum can only be reached by train)

Opening days 2021: every saturday and sunday until 31 October

Activities: Museum and operation with historic steam locomotives and electric railcars. The collection of vehicles built in meter gauge between 1870 and 1940 is considered one of the most complete and representative in all of Europe.

Weblink: http://blonay-chamby.ch/de/home-d/

Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):

Egg (near Zürich)

Verein zur Förderung historischer Forchbahnfahrzeuge

Location: Egg – currently no historical tours taking place

Operating days 2021: currently no historical tours taking place

Activities: Historical operation with Forchbahn oldtimer vehicles.

Weblink: http://www.vhf-egg.ch/

Picture gallery (please click to open):


Association Sernftalbahn

Location: Station Engi-Vorderdorf, Sernftalstrasse 17, 8765 Engi

Opening days 2021: The Sernftalbahn museum remains closed due to the current situation.

Activities: Vehicle collection and museum



From 1905 to 1969 the Sernftalbahn operated between Schwanden and Elm. Two of the BDe 4/4 railcars can be seen today in the museum in Elm (meanwhile on new tracks) I © Verein Sernftalbahn


Club du tramway de Fribourg (CTF / TCF)

Location: Fribourg

Opening days 2021: Pls. refer to weblink

Activities: Collection of historical trams, trolleybuses and buses

Weblink: http://www.fritram.org/wp/

Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):

Geneva/ Genève:

AGMT (Association Genevoise du Musée des Tramways) – Tram Club Geneva

Location: historical tram tours on the tram network between Cornavin, Plainpalais, Carouge and Lancy via the city centre

Operating days 2021: 05.09., 07.10., 07.11., 26.11., 17.12.2021

Activities: Operation of historical trams from April until October and historical walking tours

Weblink: https://www.agmt.ch

The AGMT organizes historic tram rides over the Geneva tram network – in the picture the AEG railcar 67, built in 1901 with  trailer car 363, built by the Société industrielle suisse (SIG) in 1920 I © AGMT


Association Rétrobus Léman

Location: Lausanne, currently no opening days known

Opening days 2021: currently no opening days known

Activities: Historical tours and collection of trolleybuses and buses

Weblink: http://www.retrobus.ch/

Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):


VBL Historic (Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG)

Location: Luzern

Opening days 2021: no operations planned

Activities: Historical tours with trolleybuses and buses



The FBW / Hess B71U No. 81 during a tour as part of an event of the Verkehrshaus I © Sandro Flückiger

Swiss Museum of Transport

Location: Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern

Opening days: Daily: Summer time 10 – 18h00 Uhr / Winter time 10 – 17h00

Activities: The Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne covers all areas of rail transport, road transport, shipping, aerospace, cable cars and tourism as well as the numerous achievements of the transport system in Switzerland. With various simulators, themed islands and original objects, visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating and moving history of transport: on land, on water, in the air and in space.

Weblink: https://www.verkehrshaus.ch/en/home.html

From the steam locomotive to the horse tram to the driving simulator, the Verkehrshaus Luzern offers exhibits of all kinds from the transportation industry for young and old I © Verkehrshaus Luzern


Swiss Narrow Gauge Railway Club/ Amis des petits trains suisses

Location: Depot Melchnau; Postal address: Freunde Schweizer Schmalspurbahnen, Postfach, 4901 Langenthal

Opneing days: 16.10.2021

Activities: The Friends of Swiss Narrow Gauge Railways Association was founded in 1997 by railroad fans in Uster ZH. With the arrival of the “Melchnauerlis” Ce 2/2 14 of the LMB and the later purchase of the former LMB depot in Melchnau, the club’s headquarters were relocated to Melchnau in the canton of Bern.

Weblink: https://fss-verein.ch/

Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):


Tram Museum Neuchâtel

Location: chemin des Isles 33, 2015 Areuse

Opening days: 15.08., 05.09., 03.10.2021

Activities: Museum and historical tram operation on the route of the interurban tram between Neuchâtel and Boudry with the two-axle tram car, SIG year of construction 1922




Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):

Wasserauen/ Appenzeller Land

Historical depot in Wasserauen/ Museum of the Appenzell Railways in Wasserauen

Location: Station Wasserauen

Opening days 2021: Saturdays and Sundays from April until Oktober; 11h00 – 17h00, operation of the historic train of the Appenzellerbahn on various weekends until December 2021

Activities: The aim of the Appenzell railway museum is to make the history of the Appenzeller Bahnen accessible to all visitors. For this purpose, the museum association collects and preserves documentation and objects. The museum shows them in an exhibition together with historical vehicles in the former depot of the Säntisbahnen in Wasserauen. The exhibition changes annually and always follows a specific theme. Further information on the Museum of the Appenzeller Bahnen can be found here. In addition, nostalgia trips take place on the Appenzeller Bahnen route network.


Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):


Trolley Club Switzerland/ Club suisse du trolleybus

Location: Club suisse du trolleybus, case postale 55, 8402 Winterthour

Opening days 2021: no events planned

Activities: The Trolleybus Club Switzerland (TVS) is committed to the preservation of historic trolleybuses in Switzerland. The club has currently have nine trolleybuses, a passenger trailer and a company vehicle from six Swiss trolleybus cities. In addition to the refurbishment of our classic cars, this also includes the organization of events and special trips.

Weblink: http://www.trolleybus.ch/de/index


Träger des Vereins Zuger Depot Technikgeschichte/ Orion-Club Zugerland, c/o Zugerland-Verkehrsbetriebe

Location: Zuger Depot Technikgeschichte, Neuheim (ZDT), Sihlbruggstrasse 51, 6345 Neuheim

Opening days: 11/09/2021, individual visits are possible for groups

Activities: Collection of rail and road vehicles

Weblink: http://www.zdt.ch/orion-club/

In addition to numerous commercial vehicles, the tram of the Canton of Zug, which was in use from 1913 to 1955, is on display in Neuheim I © ZDT


Tram Museum Zürich

Location: Zürich: Tram-Museum Zürich, Forchstrasse 260, 8008 Zürich

Opening days: Mondays, wednesdays, saturdays and sundays from 13h00 – 18h00; operation on the historical tram line 21 on the last weekend of each month (excl. December)

Activities: Museum and historical tram operation on line 21. The museum also offers digital tours: https://artonair.tv/programs/tram-museum

Weblink: https://www.tram-museum.ch/de

Picture gallery (please click to enlarge):

Verein Aktion Pro Sächsitram

Location: Historical tram operation between Zurich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and the zoo

Operating days: see Weblink

Activities: Historical tram operations on line


Be 2/2 1019 + B2 629 which is the original tram of line 6 I © Verein Aktion Pro Sächsitram
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