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Tramway in Halberstadt

Mit der „Elektrischen“ durch Halberstadt

On 2 May 1903, the electric tram in Halberstadt in Anhalt replaced the horse-drawn tram that had existed since 1887. So this year it celebrated its 120th anniversary. The Dirk Endisch publishing house has launched a book on the subject, although its title does not make any direct reference to it. However, the anniversary is mentioned at the bottom of every page inside! Unfortunately, there is also no table of contents, so it is difficult to find a common thread. The well laid out and printed book contains basically everything one needs to know about the small tramway company, but the reader gets the feeling that the editor has been running out of time and that information has been put where it was needed and not where it should have been. For example, the table of services up to 1997 (why only up to that year?) can be found where the beginnings of the operation are dealt with. This is followed by a chapter on the fleet with detailed lists and proof of each tramcar. Two well-designed network maps from 1937 and 2023, together with a chronicle of lines with a time gap, make it possible to trace the network development; a chronicle from 1903 to 2022 provides additional data on line structure.

The remaining 90 pages of the book are a pure picture album with high-quality, large-format photographs of the vehicles in portrait or the tramway in the cityscape, always with detailed captions. The landscape format greatly favours the complete illustration of rectangular shots. Despite the somewhat unstructured presentation of the topic, the publication nevertheless contains everything on the subject and in good quality.

Author: Dirk Endisch (ed.)

Editorial: Verlag Dirk Endisch

164 pages, format 24.0 x 17.5 cm, hardback

Price: 28.00 €

ISBN: 978-3947691579