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Tramway Lisbon – Lissabon und seine Tram

This book covers the well-known, 900mm-gauge tramways of Portugal’s capital city Lisbon and its funiculars. It has not been designed for technical experts or enthusiasts who may expect technical and/or operational background information, but provides a lot of high-quality photos of Lisbon’s two-axle tramcars. Main addressees are visitors (and potential vistors) of the city who expect to see the old – refurbished – tramcars in their “typical” environment. Theese tramcars are one of Lisbon’s main tourist attractions, and are mainly used by tourists anyway. Subsequently, nothing of today’s low-floor tramway operation on route 15 which give of a glimpse of how modern public transport can be, is reflected in the book.

Print and photo quality of the book is good, several chapters are interesting to read especially for those who are interest in the general context and not so much in technical details etc. A network map mentioning the names of all stops on the different routes is included, too.

Authors: André Poling and Sabine Weiß

Editorial: transpress-Verlag, Stuttgart 2021

192 pages, format 23.5 x 27.0 cm, hardback

Price: 39,90 €

ISBN/EAN: 978 3613716131