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VAG Nürnberg: Design of new Siemens trams released

© VAG – ergon3

VAG Nürnberg has presented the new design of the 12 Siemens Avenio low-floor trams on order. Siemens Mobility was awarded the contract at the end of 2019 and is now building the vehicles at the Siemens plant in Kragujevac, Serbia. The basic order comprises twelve trains of the Avenio model. The first vehicle is scheduled for delivery in summer 2022. All vehicles are to be delivered by 2023. The order also includes various options for the construction of a further 75 vehicles, which can be ordered until the mid-2030s

More trams for rising demand and network expansion

The twelve vehicles in the basic order will enable VAG to improve its product range in high-demand regions. These include the connection between the main railway station and the Business Tower as well as various lines operating in Südstadt. Demand here will increase significantly in the next few years, when the schools being expanded by the mid-2020s. There are also plans to connect the new district at Brunnecker Strasse and the new university area to the local public transport network by tram. It may also be possible to take the tram from there to the trade fair center / Messe Nürnberg.

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All pictures: © VAG – ergon3

Background information

Even though Nuremberg’s new tram is based on the proven platform of the Siemens Avenio, VAG was able to bring in its own ideas and needs. For example, there are multifunctional areas in the access area of eight double doors, which offer more space for getting on and off the tram quickly, but also sufficient parking space for prams, rollators and wheelchairs as well as for bicycles during off-peak hours. The advantage of the eight wide double doors: getting on and off the train is quicker, which will help to stabilise punctuality.

Munich-based design studio ergon3 has designed the Avenio to the specifications of VAG Nürnberg. Managing Director Peter Trautwein: “We used the leeway that the existing Avenio platform gave us to achieve even more functionality for our customers.”

From VAG’s point of view, the 2.30 metre wide, 36.85 metre long and 3.67 metre high vehicle offers many advantages. If the current 48 tramways of different manufacturers and models are due for replacement in the mid-2030s, the fleet can be reduced to just one model, thus signifantly reducing maintenance cost including storage costs for spare parts. In addition, the drivers would have to be trained on only one model. This would also reduce.

Contract volume

The initial order for 12 wagons has a total value of 44 million euros, of which the Federal State of Bavaria will subsidise approximately 14 million euros.

Technical data:

Manufacturer: Siemens Mobility GmbH

Track gauge: standard gauge (1435 mm)

Vehicle length: 36.85 m

Width: 2.30 m

Height: 3.67 m

Total weight empty/full: 46 t / 71 t

Passenger capacity: 218 persons

Passenger doors: 8

Entrance width: 1.30 m

Maximum speed: 70 km/h

Motor power: 6 x 100 kW

© VAG – ergon3
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