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Bielefeld: Light rail line 2 as preferred option to Hillegossen

Line 2 will be extended from current terminus Sieker | © UTM/b

In Bielefeld, extension options for the established metre-gauge light rail system have been on the agenda for many years, but the implementation of such major projects naturally takes a long time.

After decades of planning, the extension of Line 1 from the Senne terminus, which has existed since 1912, over around 8 km to Sennestadt is now at a much more concrete stage of realisation (see: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/bielefeld-light-rail-to-connect-sennestadts-northern-district/ ).

Another project has now also made progress: the planned connection and development of the Hillegossen district to the east. Here too, the first options had already been put forward at the end of the 1960s, when it was still assumed that the tramway would be converted to standard gauge. For a long time, other projects were prioritised, but as part of the “moBiel 2030” project, a feasibility study was finally carried out to re-examine what an extension of the existing tram lines beyond the current end points to Hillegossen could look like, and in particular which route options could be considered. Four options were selected as the best variants, analysed in more detail and presented at public participation events. Interested parties were able to contribute their suggestions on these four route options.

Different optiona for the extension of the light rail network to Hillegossen. Shortlisted were no. 1, 2, 7b, and 8b. The preferred option is no. 1 | © Stadt Bielefeld Press

The detailed examination focused in particular on the question of whether an extension of Line 2 from the Sieker terminus via Detmolder Straße or a continuation of Line 4 from the Stieghorst terminus via Stieghorster Straße and Detmolder Straße was favoured. The result is the extension of Line 2 as the preferred option, which will now form the basis for further planning. The results of the feasibility study have been presented to politicians and interested members of the public since November 2023.

The more detailed planning of the preferred variant will include an examination of the continuation of the route in the direction of Ubbedissen. 2-3 years are estimated as the planning period before the planning approval procedure can begin with the approval planning and submission of the planning approval documents. However, without being able to give an exact timetable, realisation is not expected before the early 2030s, depending on the financial resources made available.

Stieghorst of Line 4 is no longer considered a preferred option for the extension | © Budach
Line 2 will be extended from Sieker terminus (to the left) along Detmolder Strasse further on to Hillegossen | © Budach
Entering current terminus at Sieker: Line 2 will be extended along Detmolder Str. in the future | © Budach
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