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Darmstadt: TINA tram starts public operation – and a modernisation programme for the trailers

© Stadler Rail

The new Darmstadt trams of the TINA series open their doors to the public: Since 9 October 2023, passengers can use the vehicles of the ST15 type as part of a trial operation. This service will be carried out both with passengers on board and without passengers by the manufacturer Stadler. HEAG has received the necessary approval for this trial operation from the Technical Supervisory Authority at the Regional Council. After completion of the commissioning and approval by the authorities and the operational management, the vehicles will be handed over to HEAG mobilo by the manufacturer Stadler Rail in the course of the autumn.

HEAG mobilo GmbH has ordered 14 trams with an option for up to a further 30 vehicles from the Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail, we reported here: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/stadler-wins-contract-for-new-tram-generation-in-darmstadt/ . The vehicle was presented to the public at Innotrans 2022 in Berlin, among other events.

© Stadler Rail

The operator HEAG mobilo also announced that at least 15 (+ option for another 10) of the total of 30 four-axle low-floor sidecars of the SB9 series from the 1990s will undergo a comprehensive renewal in order to be used for another 12-15 years. In future, they will only be used behind the LHB low-floor trams because all older high-floor trams will be replaced by the new TINA.

Bombardier low-floor trailer coupled with the last high-floor series ST12 | © Dirk Budach
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