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Daugavpils: New tramways and new line in operation

Brand new tramway no. 016 on a test ride in August 2019 | © Gunter Mackinger

In Daugavpils, Latvia, the eight new tramcars on order are now all supplied and in revenue service. The Russian consortium of manufacturers PK Transport Systems/Transmashholding had delivered the four-axle vehicles which were ordered after the original winner of a tender, Belkommunmash from Belarus, had to be excluded due to various objections from different parties.

We already announced this delivery in July 2019: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/new-tracks-for-the-tram-in-daugavpils/

Part of the Tatra T3D ex Schwerin and also the Russian KTM5 are now out of service.

No. 014 at the depot | © Gunter Mackinger

Under construction for quite a while, the 1.2 km long new single-track route along line 3, which connect a hospital and some leisure facilities along the outer section of line 3 to the tram network, started operation on 5 February 2020. The new track replaces the previously operated, shorter route section, which passed through largely undeveloped forest area.

Single-track line 3 | © Gunter Mackinger

Comparing old and new (dotted line) route map | © Robert Schwandl http://www.urbanrail.net/eu/lv/dauga/daugavpils.htm

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