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First Polish Modertrans low-floor tram arrives in Woltersdorf (near Berlin)

64 years separate the two vehicles - on the left the Gotha tram no. 27 built in 1960, on the right the new Moderus Gamma built in 2023 on one of the first test runs I © Modertrans

The first Moderus Gamma LF 10 AC BD has already arrived in Woltersdorf. With this, Modertrans is making its debut on the German market – and with the first fully low-floor single-unit/ 4-axle tram. The vehicle will now undergo testing and homologation.

In February 2022, Schöneicher-Rüdersdorfer Straßenbahn, which operates the 5.6-kilometre-long tram line 87 in Woltersdorf near Berlin, ordered three new trams from Modertrans – with an option for a fourth vehicle, which has since been exercised.

Prior to this, the new Moderus Gamma spent several weeks in Poznan, Poland, where it was tested on the operating tracks of the local transport company MPK Poznan.

We reported here about the order and technical background:

The manufacturer is supplying four-axle low-floor trams of the type Moderus Gamma LF 10 AC BD, which are 15 metres long and 2.4 metres wide. The vehicles are bidirectional carriages with three entrances on each side. The end doors are 650 mm wide, the centre doors 1,300 mm wide. Each vehicle has a capacity of 76 passengers, 22 seated and 54 standing.

Both bogies are powered and driven by a total of four 50 kW asynchronous motors.

Inside, there is a multi-purpose area for pushchairs and wheelchairs as well as a folding ramp at the door. The Moderus trams are also air-conditioned.

Following the delivery of the first vehicle at the end of March, the staff in Woltersdorf are now being trained and the vehicles tested. Following approval, operations are expected to begin in the coming weeks. The new tram is to be unveiled at a ceremony to mark the 111th anniversary of the Woltersdorf tram on 19 May 2024.

With the new Moderus fleet, SRS will fulfil the requirements of the transport contract to ensure barrier-free transport for people with reduced mobility. Line 87 connects Rahnsdorf station in Berlin with neighbouring Woltersdorf. The line was put into operation in 1913 and is 5.6 kilometres long. Today, the line is operated with Gotha T57 tramcars which were all built between 1957 and 1960.

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