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Inaugurated: The first two BRT lines in Casablanca

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In Morocco’s largest conurbation around the metropolis of Casablanca, the first two bus lines on dedicated routes according to the international BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) standard started revenue service on 1 March 2024. These two new lines BW1 and BW2 are part of an extensive public transport expansion programme in Casablanca, which, in addition to the new bus lines, also includes the opening of two other completely new tram lines, which are scheduled to go into operation this year, at least on sections of the route. The French company RATP Dev, a subsidiary of the Paris transport company RATP, is responsible for the realisation and ongoing operation of this network.

The Casablanca bus line has been in operation since Friday 1 March. With a fleet of 40 vehicles and a capacity of 196 passengers, the high-capacity buses (BHNS) will serve 42 stations on two lines, including three connections to the tramway. All for the price of 6 dirhams, subsidised with 40% by the municipality of Casablanca.

After several months of waiting and postponements, the Casablanca bus line has now been put into operation. The BRT service is also known as Bus à haut niveau de service (BHNS) in French-speaking countries. A fleet of 40 four-axle Mercedes-Benz CapaCity articulated buses with a length of 21 metres, a width of 2.55 metres and a height of 3.12 metres and a total capacity of 196 passengers will be used. They are powered by EURO 6 six-cylinder OM 470 diesel engines with nominal power of 265 kW.

Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L | © @MoroccanSories

The XL-format buses run on marked routes in the metropolis over a distance of 24.5 kilometres. The first line BW1 runs over 20 stops from the Salmia district to Orangers, the second from Maârif to Errahma-Oulad Azzouz with a total of 22 stops.

With a headway of five and a half minutes during peak hours, the BRTs have three connection points to the two existing tram lines T1 and T2 and to the future T3.

Meanwhile, work on the two new tram lines, which were originally scheduled to open in 2022, is progressing rapidly. Test runs have been underway since September 2023, including on the section between Boulevards 10-Mars and Al Joulane on the T3.

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