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More metro for Tashkent: An inauguration and new trains

Circle Line | © UTM/b

The metro in the Uzbek capital Tashkent (also known as Toshkent) is being further extended: On 11 March 2024, the 3.5 km extension of the Circle Line between Quruvchilar and Qipchoq started passenger service. In Qipchoq there is a connection to the (“red”) Chilonzor Line to the city centre: https://www.urbanrail.net/as/uz/toshkent/toshkent.htm. All stations now have proper names and not just numbered as some time before.

The Circle Line was opened as the fourth metro line in the network in two sections in 2020: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/metro-extension-in-tashkent-uzbekistan/. At the other terminus in Do’stlik/Technopark, it is possible to transfer to the “blue”, “Uzbekistan Line”. In the longer term, the Circle Line is to be extended to form a full ring through the city’s suburbs. So far, it has run exclusively on surface or elevated alignment.

Announcement at one of the stops: That’s what the future circle line might look like | © Dirk Budach

This month, further new metro trainsets from the Russian manufacturer Metrovagonmash started passenger service; 24 of these four-car trains, which have been procured since 2019, are to be in operation by April. Further purchases are planned to replace at least some of the oldest trains from the Soviet era in the medium term. The Tashkent metro has been in operation since 1977. A comprehensive modernisation programme for the existing facilities and rolling stock was decided in 2021.

Exclusively on surface or elevaled alignment: the Circle Line | © Dirk Budach
Circle Line shortly before opening another part of the route | © Dirk Budach