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Nancy: The first HESS battery-trolleybus has just arrived!

The first 100% electric battery-trolleybus for the main line 1 Brabois (Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy) to Mouzimpré (Essey-lès-Nancy) in Nancy, Lorraine, arrived at the Keolis depot in Ludres on Tuesday, 12 March 2024.

This is the first of a total of 25 double-articulated battery trolleybuses of the well-known lighTram® 25 model from Swiss manufacturer HESS to be ordered. The trolleybuses are 24.4 metres long and can accommodate up to 154 passengers, 46 of whom are seated. This is significantly more than the Bombardier TVR monorail system vehicles in service until March 2023 (136 passengers, including 35 seated), which will be completely replaced due to numerous technical shortcomings over the years. The energy consumption of the new vehicles is also expected to be significantly lower than the old system, with an expected 2.4 kWh/km compared to 4 kWh previously. After plans for a low-floor tram system were scrapped, mainly for cost reasons, following a change in the city government, the decision was made to switch to battery-powered trolleybus operation in 2021.

More info: https://www.urban-transport-magazine.com/en/25-hess-bi-articulated-trolleybuses-for-nancy/ .

Ligne 1 | © Métropole du Grand Nancy Press

Hess lighTram® 25
Hess lighTram® 25
Hess lighTram® 25
Hess lighTram® 25

The first vehicle will be made available by the operator Keolis by 18 March to prepare the workshop and future drivers. From 22 March, the new Hess lighTram® 25 will be presented to the public at various locations in the city. Other trams will gradually arrive in Nancy from the end of March.

Of the remaining vehicles of the old TVR system, which was decommissioned a year ago, 23 will be scrapped – the first transports have already taken place. Two TVR vehicles (no. 8 and 20) will not be scrapped and remain in Nancy and in the hands of a Belgian collector.

Pictures: © Métropole du Grand Nancy Press / @Pi_Eye_

The removal of the old TVR vehicles has just begun | @Pi_Eye_ on X