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New tramways for new tram lines in Italy: Palermo and Bergamo

Bergamo T2 | © Škoda Group

Škoda Group has secured the contract for the construction of 10 bi-directional, five-section 100% low-floor trams of its ForCity Classic model for the city of Bergamo, including 3 years of full-service. The group had already been selected as preferred bidder in May – now the contracts have been closed. The delivery of the trams is part of the larger contract that contains whole turnkey project of building new tram line. New second tram city line T2 will lead from the railway near the city centre to Villa d’Almè in the northwest part of the city, serving 17 stops over a total length of 11.5 km. It uses part of the trackbed of former Valle Brembana railway which closed back in 1966. It shares approximately 2.5 km of track with the existing tramway line T1 Bergamo Railway Station – Albino which had opened to the public in 2009 and also uses part of an old railway line. It is operated by 14 Ansaldo Breda Sirio.

Ansaldo Sirio light rail operate on Bergamo’s line T1 which start at the railway station – as will the new T2 | © UTM/b

Another contract for the supply of new tramways was award to Spanish manufacturer CAF group which will supply 9 tramcars of its low-floor model Urbos 3 to Palermo on Sicily island. An Option to supply up to 35 additional trams is included. CAF is part of a consortium which will build the planned expansions of Palermo’s tramway network. Today it consists of four tramlines which form two sub-networks which are not yet physically connected. Construction of this missing inner-city link is the first part of the overall project which includes the construction two more extensions. We reported here about the plans:

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