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Now with access to the beach: Extension of Metro Rotterdam

Departure of one of the first trains from Hoek van Holland Strand. Immediately behind the station building is the ocean | © Maurits van den Toorn

2 ½ years ago we reported on the reconstruction of the former railway line from Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland, which was adapted to the standards of the Metro Rotterdam on a length of 22 km and integrated into the existing metro network:

The extended metro line B has been serving the area between the metropolis and the largest Dutch ferry port, which has become more densely populated in recent years, since 29 Septmber 2019. It runs from Nesselande in the east through the centre of Rotterdam and on via Schiedam, Vlaardingen to Hoek van Holland. Between Vlaardingen West and Graskruid it is reinforced by line A running on the same route.

Arrival from Rotterdam at the new terminus | © Maurits van den Toorn
The station building is actually a relatively simple covered access hall | © Maurits van den Toorn

Yesterday, 31 March 2023, the remaining section of Line B to the new terminus at Hoek van Holland Strand started revenue service. The former terminal station Hoek van Holland Haven was also reopened in a new design, after the trains had terminated at a temporary wooden platform for some time. The Rotterdam metro network thus grew by a further 2.1 km. At the terminus, a modern, rather plain access hall was built, two tracks end here at a central platform.

In keeping with the rainy weather throughout the day, the opening took place in a rather modest setting, there was no decorated opening train, a few local politicians gave speeches, then scheduled service began.

The final station Hoek van Holland Haven came now into use, too. During the construction work, all trains ended a few hundred metres further east at a wooden platform. That was quite far away from the village, now the inhabitants of Hoek van Holland are also better served | © Maurits van den Toorn
Entering the newly built station Hoek van Holland Haven | © Maurits van den Toorn