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Skoda’s electric bus on the streets of Prague

First test runs in Prague | © Martin Harák

At the 10th CZECHBUS fair at the end of November 2021, Škoda presented its new E’CITY electric bus. It is a brand new model of 12-metre electric bus from the Škoda Transportation Group workshop. Prague has ordered a fleet of 14 vehicles and plans to use them mainly on lines 154 Metro Strašnická – Koleje Jižní Město and 213 Metro Želivského – Nádraží Uhříněves. By 2030, one third of buses in Prague will be electric and one of the steps is the purchase of new electric buses, the other an essential step is battery trolleybuses. Škoda E’CITY represents the first delivery of electric buses carried out by the Czech company Škoda Transportation in cooperation with its subsidiary Temsa from Turkey, in this case as a supplier for the body and chassis. The complete electrical equipment, including batteries and pantographs, was supplied by the Pilsen plant. Electric motor power is 160 kW. Škoda E’CITY offers a special solution with two-pole charging and a galvanically separated charger on the car. In practice, this means that the traction battery collector is repeatedly charged during the day while the vehicle is in operation from the existing infrastructure for tram or trolleybus lines planned for the future. The infrastructure for this type of charging has already been prepared by transport operator DPP at the terminal stops Metro Strašnická and Metro Želivského. Here, recharging is carried out for 15-30 minutes allowing for the next round trip on its route.

The advantage of this solution is the optimal control of the bus’ energy balance and, above all, the low cost of the charging infrastructure. Electric buses equipped with this charging facility have a longer daily range and greater flexibility for use on different routes. In addition, Prague receives an advanced energy management from Škoda Transportation Group for the entire fleet, which will enable cost-effective battery charging and extend battery life. E’CITY is a completely locally emission-free low-floor battery vehicle with a guaranteed range of more than 100 kilometres on a single charge for the entire designed battery life, including heating or cooling of the interior.

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Prague’s bus no. 3002 had already been officially presented at the CZECHBUS fair in November | © ROPID, Sandra Sedlecká
Opportunity charging via Pantograph | © Martin Harák
Testing the charging | © Martin Harák