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T10 – another new tram line in Paris

T10 | © Île-de-France Mobilités

In the southern part of the metropolitan area around Paris, the so-called Île-de-France, another new tram line went into passenger service today, 24 June 2023 – the T10. It runs as a modern low-floor tram from Antony via Châtenay-Malabry and Le Plessis-Robinson to Clamart. From the termini at La Croix de Berny in Antony to the Jardin Parisien in Clamart, it serves a total of 13 stops over a length of 6.8 km, including the terminal stations. An extension by one stop within Clamart is planned. In La Croix de Berny there is a connection to the suburban railway line of the B of the RER network, at the Hopital-Béclère station to the Translohr line T6..

 T10 (incl. future extenmsion one stop north) | © Île-de-France Mobilités
“Tram lumière” | © Alstom TOMA – Thibaut Priou
© Île-de-France Mobilités on Twitter

13 Citadis X05 from Alstom are in use, the model known from the T9 line, and have been delivered for the T10 line since September 2022. The 2.65-metre wide and 45-metre long Citadis X05 model can carry up to 314 passengers. Because of their special design, created by teams from the agency Saguez & Partners and Île-de-France Mobilités, the trams for the T9 and T10 are also called “lumière trams”, the trains are painted white with light blue stripes.

T10 is operated by Greater Paris public transport operator RATP.

The expansion of the Parisian tram and light rail network has thus now reached considerable proportions: lines T1, T2, T3a, T3b, T7, T8, T9 and T10 operate as conventional low-floor trams and lines T5 and T6 as Translohr monorails. The lines T4, T11, T13 and the outer line Esbly – Crécy-la-Chapelle are also operated with TramTrain low-floor cars. An overview map can be found here: https://www.urbanrail.net/eu/fr/paris/tram/paris-tram.htm  .

However, the pace of expansion has slowed down somewhat compared to the past two decades. The opening of the TramTrain line T12 between Massy and Évry-Courcouronnes is still on the agenda and is expected before the end of this calendar year. Trial runs have started here in May 2023. All other tramway projects under construction, on the other hand, concern extensions of existing lines. There are currently no construction decisions for additional new lines. In the metro area, on the other hand, efforts are concentrated primarily on the new lines 15, 16, 17, 18, which are to provide much better access to the areas further outside the actual core area of Île-de France and connect them with each other. The first of the vehicles that will be used there in the future have just been completed.

First metro train car for future lines 15, 16 and 17 | © Île-de-France Mobilités on Twitter
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